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unknown part numbers for 240 GD, Typ 460 and Online part prices of DC

A few important Chassis-parts of the 240 GD have a part number, but are not listed on the EPC -CD or are listed in the wrong category (for instance in the W461).The Shop have big problems to find them.

Some important part numbers :

1. Bracket for the rear shock absorber , welded to the top end of the frame-cross -tube

Braket for the rear shock absorber right Console A 460 320 17 78 Bracket top, rear ,right

left Console A 460 320 16 78 Bracket top, rear ,left

Price March 2003: 28,26 Euro w/o Tax

2. Bracket for Rear Springs :welded between the two rear frame cross tubes.

Feder-Konsole oben Feder-Konsole oben spare part Nr.5 Console A 460 320 20 78 top spring table Rear axle, 62,76 Euro w/o Tax.

3. DC spare part prices and availability:

Follow the link and type in the Part number, start with A and the 10 digits!

for more information see here: The EPC-Net: Registration 15 Euros creditcard one year:

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