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12. Tip: for 240 GD: Electrical pre-heating System:

Manufacturer Waeco/Defa
(Immersion heater), since 1994 used, at this time starting from 118 Euro, Type: AWU 265 ST.

immersion heater immersion heater tool for the blind plug blind plug immersion heater
Cold start is for every engine bad, especially in wintertime. In the northern territories the immersion heater is more popular as it is in our regions. Firefighters, Ambulance, Aircraft supply services use that electrical pre-heating system. Most common are pre-heaters from Waeco or direct from Defa, a norwegian company. immersion heater
The immersion heater will be inserted instead of a blind plug. This plug is located on the right engine side of the 240 , below the exhaust. The plug has a 19 mm hexagon socket. The thread is : Metric M 38 x 1,5 fine-thread. blind plug immersion heater
With a 19er hexagon nut (1/2 inch) the blind plug can be disassembled. I have welded an old wheel screw with the head to a 19 mm big square iron. Empty the coolant first. After de-installation of the y-branch of the exhaust, you can unplug the plug by using a 40 inch long pipe (in order to get a high torsion moment). tool for the blind plug
The Wiring is easy . Use a connection system. The Connections with the outside connector plug are easy to install. Use cable clips. I have used a powerplug on top of the front bumper. Unfortunately a 230V-Plug needs to be in the near Area (Check your local Supplier for the exact AC-Current). Depending on the outside temperature, the engine gets heated up in 1-3 hours (up to 104 - 122 F ). Especial for the operation with organic Oil (Pöl)- and for temperatures below 77 F the immersion heating system has been prooven.. Most of the time, the G stands outside.

Measurement data :

Immersion heater Resistance : cold approx. 82 Ohm / temperature: 50 F
power plug for immersion heater
Now (June,12.2003) I changed the cylinder head gasket (about 200.000 km with the rebuilt engine). The exhaust mainfold was off and so you see the ten years old immersion heater. immersion heater

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