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13. Tip: 240 GD:

2. rear brake (Perrot, up HA-Nr. 741.516) and 3. brake pipes

For all work on the brakes : Brakes are a safety relevant part. The Repair has to be done by a specialist. All instructions without any guarantee !
Bremsenteile 1/2 Teilesatz Federzieher Grundplatte
For disassembly of the rear Drumbrake remove the small screw. The drum can be easily removed, when no rust or corrosion is there. If so, you have to use a big puller. The burr on the outer edges of the drum can be removed with a Carbid-ductor or a File. The brake surface itself can recleaned with sand paper. The surface of the Axle - shaft has to be clean as well.
The strong Springs for the brake pads can be removed and installed with a strong hook. Useful : DC-part : W 116589016200 for 5,38 Euro incl.Tax Federzieher
For all small parts you can get a repair kit (for both brakes): A002 5863242 for 16,56 Euro incl. Tax . Minimum protect the parts with a small oil film against rust. 1/2 Teilesatz
For the brake Cylinder you can order a repair kit, A000 420 09 44 for 12,70 Euro incl. Tax . Before installation grease the pressure bolt with special brakecylinder grease.Don't use Oil or normal grase under any circumstances! The brake cylinder should be shiny inside, otherwise polish or clean it with fine (600) sand paper. If you see rust or corrosion, use a new cylinder.! Teile Bremszylinder
Brake pads can be riveted, but you will need a special tool and a little bit of Training. The tool you can buy or make it by yourself. New brake pads are expensive (A 461 420 00 20, 4 pieces 310 Euro incl. Tax ). They are then glued. The brake pads are different in size. The shorter one is the one pionting into driving direction.! Bremsbel?ge mit Nieten
The short tool will be fixed to a vice. On that the rivet will be placed (see picture ), the pad in the middle placed, (rounding to the top), good squeezed on and with the longer driver the opening of the Rivets on the pad inside round riveted. You rivet alternating from the middle to both sides. With that the Pads are connected tight!
Now the automatic Adjuster has to be pre-setted again.
Turn Screws 1 (not the cogwheel 2) to make sure you have the right dimension for A = 70 mm. Please position the adjuster in the middle. With this the pads have the same distance to the drum. Do a test drive, brake several times when driving forwards and backwards !
3. Brake pipes

Brake pipes are to get from DC, but they are often no good fitting. For instance the two pipes for the front brakes. Buy them as a 5 m-Bunch (Spare Part Center : 5m Brake pipe , 4,75 mm, green : 8,72 Euro incl.Tax / Nut for the Pipes: 0,92 Euro incl Tax.) Some Garages have a tool for making the flanges and you can get this done buy giving a tip or a small fee. In the Picture is a degasser (with plastic cap) shown.

Rust, bigger damage are indicators to change the pipes !
my Shoppinglist:

Brake Cylinder A 011 420 88 18 58,46 Euro inkl.
Repair Kit A 000 420 09 44 12,70 Euro inkl.
Brake pad, 4 pcd, with rivets Jurid 8,7mm A 463 423 01 10 70,99 Euro inkl.
Rivets for Brake pads N 007 338 004 312 0,34 Euro inkl.
Repair Kit spring clips A 002 586 32 42 16,56 Euro inkl.

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