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1.1. Tip: Inner plastic fenders for the 460

bracket V2A for inner fender bracket V2A for inner fender inner fender inner fender inner fender
Since 1994 I have installed the plastic inner fenders for my old 240 GD. The mounting brackets from stainless Steel (V2A) you must build them by yourself. Install them on the chassis and the fender. How you gonna make the braket is not essential. I have used the plastic screw caps from the 260 E (Inner Fender). These could be used with thick hexagonal sheet metal screws, which head I have welded to the bracket. This was the best installation option to fight against corrosion..

Part numbers of the inner plastic fenders:

front left : 463 884 0222 approx. 47 Euro + TAX

front right : 463 884 0322

rear left : 463 884 0722 approx 53 Euro + Tax

rear right : 463 884 0622

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