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3.Tip: Installation guidance for the wheels (for all the Gs)

Installation advices
All G-rims are really heavy, especially the steel ones. In order to install them, the wheel has to be lifted a little bit. To simplify the installation I have made a simple tool to help, it is the same as the car's onboard aluminium tool.

For this special tool, you need to use a spare wheel's screw. With the saw or flex, you cut the screw's head off, and you weld this thread to a 200 mm long and 12 mm ø round rod. If you are not able or impossible for you to do it, any workshop can do it for you.

In order to screw the wheel, I screw the Help tool at first in the wheel hub, then I lift the wheel, and the tool pass in one of the correspondent hole. Then I screw the screws in, one after the other. Now it makes the installation easy. This tool is even useful for the aluminium wheels.

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