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5. Tip: SRS-Failure with the G 270 CDI July 2002

If you start the engine without waiting for the glow control lamp to switch off , you going to discharge the battery with the cranking current and the glow plug current. This allows the Battery voltage to go lower than 11,5 Volt for a short periode of time. The SRS Unit (Airbag controller) implies a failure and the failure code will be saved. In order to not go for a Failure buffer underrun, you should wait for half a second. (earlier : Rudolf-Diesels-memorial minute ;-).



In the meantime the new cluster is available as a spare part. You'll get a free replacement (Warranty) at your DC Dealer: Spare part number 4635401911, 393 EUR! (DC-Service-Software: actual Q03)

Since November, 5.2002 the new cluster is used and the SRS-Problem doesn't exist anymore !

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