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8. Tip: 12V u. 230V Power Plugs on the front bumper: w460 and W463

Power plug 240 GD Power plug 270 CDI
How about an external 12V plug at the G ?

These pictures shows the low Voltage plugs at the 240 GD and 270 CDI.

I have tested several years many of products. On one hand products are not salt or corrosion resistant, on the other hand some are too expensive. Useful are the plugs from Hella, the three pin Version (one spare Pin)

Plug Hella 8JB001933001
Connector Hella 8JA002263001

Both are very robust. Connected by a 50 Ampere fuse the DC fusebox A123 540 04 50, (3,44 Euro) with screwed fusable links 50A A000 545 25 34,( 0,49 Euro).The fuse has to be connected very next to the battery plus pole. For the 270 CDI is in the box a spare bolt available.

With this plug you can load the battery or connect a lamp to it. Normally I use the small instant charge units from Conrad electronic, which automatically limits the current for charging. Be aware : this plugs are not usefull for giving or recieving jump start. To refill a discharged is possible every time. (Gage size 6 mm²).

engine heater On the 240GD i use in additional a 230 V AC plug for the engine heater DEFA Warmup in the engine block from DEFA/WAECO.

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