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9. Tip: Hi-Lift for 460: bumper front and rear

HiLift Adapter f?r Kupplungsmaul bumper rear bumper rear bumper rear
The Hi-Lift or his "friends" are the most robust jacking tool. But where to place them without damaging everything ? At my 270 CDI / 463 the front Support post in the bumper is not available any longer and the rear bumper are from Plastic.

For the 460 with support post in the front bumper you can build yourself an adapter. Take a tube , similar to the diameter of the support post will be welded to a u-shaped Steel. Here the Hi-Lift can be connected to (see pictures)

Hi-Lift Hi-Lift This is how you can easily lift the G on the front side

spare parts Hi-Lift in USA: and in Germany, p.e., see "Allgemeinzubehör"
to remove the front springs please refer to the Remove and maintanance Spring section

Don't forget to use additionally support for the G.

In the rear bumper you can cut out a piece of metal (drill holes around to and use a file). Behind that , on the outer support post you have to weld a U-shaped piece of metal. Now the Hi-Lift can use this opening. The bumper and its connection to the chassis are strong enough.

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