17. Tip: 240GD/270CDI/G55AMG: Center Caps, Rims, Winter- and Summer tires DMZ2:

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1. Center Caps 240GD:
2. Rims 240GD:
3. Wintertires / Summertires:
4. tirepressure 240GD/270CDI:
5. Tires for G55AMG:
6. Wheel bolts 240GD
7. Wheel bolts 270CDI
8. Wheel change
Raddeckel Raddeckel Raddeckel Raddeckel Raddeckel
Center Caps before Center Caps painted Center Caps painted Holiday feeling ;) done
1. Paintjob Center Caps:

Periodically I was forced to change my center caps of the 240GD, because the color was fading or breaking. Especially cleaning with a pressure cleaner at gas stations was not good for the center caps. In addition, these were not available in the color of the vehicle, since I have painted my rims in Colorado-Beige (DB-color code: 1470).

I decided to rework the old center caps. A new one (A4604010025) is not expensive (3,14 Euro incl. tax), but you don't get them in special colors.

First of all you have to clean the plastic material. The old color has been removed and wet grinded with 600 series sand paper. Now a Plastic Primer (Primomat, Elastic Haftgrund, 3304 from Spies&Hecker;) has been used and the surface has been finished with a brush with the original color (you can spray instead, but this was too much work).
2. Paintjob Rims: top

On the 240GD I still use the steel rims (5 1/2JK x 16 H2, ET 63mm, A4604000202, 102,31 Euro inkl. tax).
The silver color is not my favourite, so I decided to paint them in the same color as my car. Remove rust, grind the paint and use rust primer (see rust protection). A turntable is a good tool because the rims are heavy. For the turntable an old wheel bearing has been used.

The rust primer will be washed away with some thinner, since it should only stay inside the rust pores. Now a rust protection paint will be sprayed, a 1K-primer with filler and then the rim will be painted in the color you like.
Felge Felge Felge Felge Felge
Rim on turntable Derust rim Rim with rust primer Rim with rust
protection paint
1K Primer
Basic Paint
3. Winter tires / Sommer tires DMZ2:
Felge Felge Felge 240GD u. 270cdi 270CDI 270CDI 270CDI
240GD: painted rim
with DMZ2
240GD: profile DMZ2 240GD: Tire quartet left: 240GD, right 270CDI: 270CDI: M+S u. DMZ2 270CDI: similar 270CDI: Alu rims
at DMZ2
a) Winter tires for the 240GD top

Within the 24 years of driving with 240 GD I have tried many winter tires on the original steel rims. The original Michelin M+S, 205, remould tired with truck profile, Summer tires and winter tires. All of them have had some disadvantages: out of balance, black ice problems, wet or rain problems etc.. No tire was excellent. Bigger rims or tires were not possible with the low power of the 240GD (75 PS).
Since couple of years I use the DMZ2 from Bridgestone, size 215/80 R16 103Q for all season and I am really happy with it. After the years to 4 mm reduced profile depth tires (Rubber is getting hard, tire last longer in summertime's) will be used in the next summer up to 2mm. In the Winter period the new tire set will be used (with rims). Especially the fine segments of the profile was the decision maker for this kind of tire. You can use them especially for snow, mud and for black ice. Over the whole year these tires show good rain performance. For the forest I still have the snow chains.

In addition this tires are very good balanced, if you take the yellow dot to the valve position when mounted.

Valves: A0004016713 - 2.22 Euro incl. Tax. In 1979 tubes has been used from OEM. Under normal conditions these can be spared. The first rims can be used tubeless.
In addition the DMZ2 carries the snow flake - Symbol. quote:" the improper used M+S stamp on the serial equipment of many off-road vehicle is an abbreviation for mud and snow and indicated in the past real winter tires. The sign is not protected, so every tire manufactures can decide in its own, which tire will use it. To cope with that the NHTSA has introduced a snow flake symbol on the flange of the tire. This symbol can taken on the tire only, if some independent testing has been proved the possible usage as a winter tire". (translated from Spiegel-online, 20. November 2003, SUV und Winterreifen).
b) Tire size comparison:Winter tire for the 240 GD and 270CDI

Left a DMZ2 215/80 R16 for the 240GD and right the Dueler H/T 265/70 R16 for the G270CDI, both of Bridgestone.
c) Winter tires for the 270CDI

Original equipment were an all season tire Bridgestone Dueler H/T 265/70 R16 112H M+S-Winter tire on Alu rims 7,5Jx16H2 ET63mm (A4634010302) mounted. As one can see on the left tire this is more like a summer tire. A good choice like on the 240 GD is the Bridgestone DMZ2 in that size. This tire has a good performance in terms of snow and black ice. The rotation direction is given.
270CDI 270CDI
4. Tire pressure: 240GD/270CDI

The DC required tire pressure for the rear tires is too high, if you almost drive alone. The result is a in the middle worn out tire , while the side still has 4 mm. In the front, even if the axle is adjusted correct, the tires are worn out at the side - the tire pressure is too low.

I use since many years at the 240GD with Bridgestone DMZ2 front: 2,3 bar, rear only 2,0 bar. Strangely enough (or not) the same tire pressure has been shown good results at the G270CDI, if you drive unloaded and alone.
5. Tires for the G55AMG

In the Picture shown on the left side a Yokohama Original tire 285/55R18 113V for the G55AMG on Alu rims 9,5Jx18H2 ET 50mm and right a Winter tire DMZ2 215/80 R16 from the 240GD. On the 285 series Yokohama no snow chain are allowed (mentioned in the manual). Possible for the Wintertime is the usage of the rim 7 1/2Jx18 H2 ET43 with Bridgestone 265/60R18 109H.
6. Wheel bolts 240GD

The steel Wheel bolts M14 x 1,5 fine thread , 10.9, A4604010070, 4,79 Euro incl. Tax , 19 mm Hexagonal is not available in stainless steel. Also a complex and expensive chrome flash surface didn't work. At the head corners rust came back. The old stovepipe - silver was an equivalent try. Derust, priming and painting didn't work either.

The tightening torque for the wheel bolts is 180 Nm (Service manual, according to WIS Werkstattinformationssystem even 190 Nm!). That is to my opinion too much for the 240GD. Since 20 years I use 140 Nm. In addition I use grease at the thread and the cone (thin film). With this the screws have been more tightened because of the reduction of the adhesive factor. That's the reason why my wheel bolts are always easy to untighten.
The wheel bolts will be tightened diagonal. To reduce rubbing brake disks use always a torque wrench. The bolts has to turn until you hear the "klick" (torque wrench activates). After that it is not allowed to turn the screw more. At some tire shops the wheel bolts will be tightened too much with an air wrench. After doing so the control with an torque wrench is useless. The brake disks are then warped! Radschraube 240GD
7. Wheel bolts 270CDI

For the Alu Rims longer bolts have to be used. The torque is 130 Nm, for hex size = 17 mm. These bolts have different head sizes (A1404000170, 5,36Euro incl. Tax.).
Radschraube 270cdi
8. Change of a wheel 270CDI

If you notice at the wheel change a rusted contact surface, the brake disk has to be grinded with some sand paper and oiled or greased carefully. Now remove the holding screw (Phillips). With rotation of the disk let a little bit of oil creep in between the brake disk and the axle boss ( see arrow), to ensure easy change of the brake disks later. I use Fluidfilm-oil (Wollfettöl, environmental harmless!).
Bremsscheibe 270cdi Schraube Bremsscheibe 270cdi Bremsscheibe 270cdi

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